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Tragedy and Turmoil: Nashua Pastor's Suicide Amid Abuse Allegations Shocks Community

The case of Jarrett Booker, a former youth pastor at Nashua Baptist Church in New Hampshire, has garnered significant attention. Booker, 37, died by suicide on November 27, 2023, just two days after being dismissed from his position following allegations of child sexual abuse. This event has left his family, church community, and the broader public grappling with a complex mix of emotions and unanswered questions.

Rachel Booker, Jarrett's wife, shared her feelings through a Facebook post. She expressed a blend of sorrow, confusion, and acknowledgment of the destructive nature of sin. She noted that the past weeks had been an emotional whirlwind, particularly for her and her son, Eddie, as they adjust to life without Jarrett. Her post also reflected on the pain caused by Jarrett's actions and the lingering questions that his death left unanswered.

The church leadership at Nashua Baptist Church, in their statement, emphasized their commitment to transparency and support for the victims, condemning all forms of abuse. They detailed the timeline leading to Booker's dismissal, explaining that they became aware of credible allegations of sexual abuse against minors on November 22, which led to an internal review and subsequent evidence of misconduct. Booker's employment was terminated on November 25, 2023.

Sgt. John Cinelli from the Nashua Police Department confirmed that a criminal investigation was ongoing into the allegations against Booker. The investigation began following revelations from another police department.

Jarrett Booker had been with the Nashua Baptist Church for nearly a decade, working closely with teenagers and leading musical worship. His obituary states that he was adopted at 18 months old and is survived by his parents, wife, son, and other family members.

The community and those who knew Booker expressed a range of emotions, from shock to disgust. This complex situation underscores the painful impact of such incidents on individuals, families, and communities, and it raises questions about accountability, mental health, and the need for supportive systems for all affected.

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