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Shocking Revelation: IFB Missionary and Business Owner Exposed.

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

Rick Grisham started a for-profit business, Fundamental Baptist Books marketing himself as a missionary to the IFB churches of the United States. He was previously in partnership with Faith Music Missions, of Evansville, IN, as the sole distributor of the music produced by Faithway Baptist Church (F/K/A) Boeke Road Baptist Church ran studio. Soon, the church realized there were more profits to be made distributing the Faith Music Missions products, and the partnership was no longer. Rick then moved to Smithfield, KY where he began to build his network of IFB pastors. These men did not know his history.

In 1984, Rick Grisham was convicted of molesting his eldest daughter and exposing himself to his second daughter. He took a plea deal and got off with barely a mild reprimand. At that time in Lake Chelan, WA, he was known as Pat or Patrick Grisham. He then proceeded to change his surname and moved to another like-minded church in ID. After a few years there, he married his second wife and moved to IN.

Rick Grisham's eldest son of his second marriage, Jonathan, was contacted by his half-sisters and given the court documents, birth and marriage certificates, pictures, and many other supporting documents. This supported the claim he had been married prior to his current wife.

The court records were forwarded to his Pastor who, upon investigation, removed him from the church and advised the church of his past as a pedophile. The Bible states that "the truth shall set you free..." If Rick Grisham had been honest about his past and truthful about his repentance, he might still have a church home.

Rick Grisham has taken all name affiliations down from his website of No additional information could be found as to his current church home. However, multiple sources have stated he is back in the pulpit again.

If you have any updates concerning this abuser, please contact us. Pray that his victims will find closure and that any other victims will have the courage and fortitude to speak out.

I Corinthians says, "Know ye not that we shall judge angels? How much more things that pertain to this life."

What's done in the dark will be brought to light.

The full story, with court documentation, can be found here.

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