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Survivor Resources

Take Courage - Writer Dee Miller has a wealth of information about Baptists, but she provides a ministry for all those who have been sexually abused by religious authority figures.

All God's Children - This documentary movie tells the story of abuse at a boarding school for the children of evangelical missionaries and, years later, of the determined efforts of the survivors to seek accountability, justice and healing. Lots of resources are linked on the site.

From Darkness to Light - Provides educational information and programs for adults to raise awareness and prevent child sexual abuse. Site has quick statistics.

Healing and Spirituality Blog - With insights from Dr. Jaime Romo and interviews with other advocates, the blog promotes healing from abuse, particularly from sexual abuse by religious authorities. See also Dr. Romo's workbook for survivors, and supporters.

National Association to Prevent Sexual Abuse of Children - Provides information on child sex abuse, including information on state statutes of limitation and legislative reform efforts

The Leadership Council - Provides research-based information about issues relating to child sexual abuse, trauma, and memory.

AdvocateWeb - A resource for people who have been emotionally or sexually exploited or abused by a person in a trusted "helping profession."

Trinity Foundation - Seeks to expose fraud by televangelists. Provides a place to submit tips and abuse reports.

Faith Trust Institute - Provides educational materials and training programs to help religious institutions in preventing abuse and responding to abuse.

Innocence Betrayed - The story of how clergy abuse and misconduct ripped apart a family. It reveals many of the techniques used by predatory clergy to "groom" the victims and their family members.

Tim Fischer: it's about me - Emotionally powerful video and blog of one survivor's journey.

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