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Liberty in Christ: A Biblical Defense of Pro-Choice

Reproductive rights have long been a battleground for ideological warfare, and Pastor Stephen Russ of Faithway Baptist Church has thrown his hat into the ring with a sermon that demands scrutiny. Titled "Psalm 139: Celebrating Sanctity of Human Life Sunday," Pastor Russ's sermon is riddled with misconceptions, selective interpretations, and a lack of understanding of both medical science and the very Bible he claims to represent.

A Misguided Understanding of God's Design

Pastor Russ's sermon begins with grandiose claims about the sanctity of human life, stating that "we are fearfully and wonderfully made, and that our existence is known and valued by God." While poetic, this statement is a gross oversimplification of the complex moral and ethical considerations surrounding reproductive rights. The Bible itself offers a more nuanced perspective. Galatians 5:1 (KJV) speaks of the liberty that Christ grants, a principle that honors individual agency and freedom. Pastor Russ's selective interpretation conveniently ignores this and other passages that support the pro-choice stance.

Medical Ignorance

Pastor Russ's sermon is woefully lacking in medical understanding. He cites the number of lives lost to abortion since 1973, comparing it to the death toll of major wars. This inflammatory comparison ignores the medical, social, and economic factors that influence reproductive health decisions. According to the American Journal of Public Health, "Reproductive health decisions are complex and must be made based on comprehensive medical information, individual circumstances, and personal beliefs." Pastor Russ's sermon fails to acknowledge this complexity, opting instead for shock value over substance.

Historical Revisionism

The history of reproductive rights is rich and multifaceted, reflecting the struggle for women's autonomy and social justice. Pastor Russ's sermon glosses over this history, reducing it to a simplistic narrative that serves his anti-choice agenda.

The landmark case of Roe v. Wade in 1973 was not merely a legal decision; it was a recognition of women's rights and the complexity of reproductive health. Pastor Russ's failure to engage with this history reveals a lack of intellectual rigor and a willingness to distort the truth. Unfortunately, this decision was overturned in 2023 throwing states into a turmoil of deciding their own laws regarding women's rights.

A Misguided Gospel

Pastor Russ concludes his sermon by invoking the gospel of Jesus Christ, stating, "You can only be made righteous through the blood of Jesus Christ." This theological platitude does nothing to address the real-world complexities of reproductive rights. He also fails to talk about the liberty we have in Christ which allows us to Biblically defend our pro-choice stance!

Pastor Thistlethwaite notes, "The Bible teaches us to respect individual conscience and moral agency. We must honor the sacred decisions people make about their own lives." Pastor Russ's sermon fails to do this, opting instead for a narrow and dogmatic interpretation of Christian beliefs.


Pastor Russ's sermon is a misguided and inflammatory attempt to weigh in on a deeply complex and personal issue. His selective interpretation of the Bible, lack of medical understanding, historical revisionism, and narrow theological perspective reveal a sermon that is more interested in shock value than truth.

Reproductive rights demand thoughtful consideration, respect for diverse beliefs, and a commitment to accurate information. Pastor Russ's sermon falls woefully short of these standards, offering a distorted and simplistic view that does a disservice to the very faith he claims to represent.

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