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  • Sarah Butler Laudadio

How Then Should We Respond? Love Is The Only Answer.

In the last few weeks, the U.S. Supreme Court has made a number of rulings that will have detrimental effects on at least half of its population. As a Canadian and a former pastor, I have the unique privilege of being able to look on from outside and hope to offer a little perspective and wisdom. Many years ago, a saying was made about our country that the leaf on our flag represented healing to the nations. As I share a little of my heart, I hope and pray that healing will come from it.

I help lead a Christ-centered Deconstruction Group on Facebook called Jesus Unchained. I asked the Father to give me a balanced response to share with the group when the decision to send abortion back to the States was decided. I have to admit, on my own page, I have definitely raged a little but I knew that wouldn't be the response that God's Spirit would have. No matter where you stand on this issue, you are deeply loved by the Father and have inherent worth. Let's take a step back and stop seeing each other as the enemy. A house divided against itself cannot prosper. The answer is not any one side forcing its will on anyone. Unfortunately, one side has done that to the other and now a great many women are hurting and are terrified for their future.

God's Spirit impressed upon my heart to grieve with those that are hurting. God wants to encourage those of you that are anguished, angry, despondent, confused, and terrified. The Lord's presence prompted me to take my eyes off what I was seeing with my physical eyes and trust that all things are for good according to His purpose. The message was that in the natural realm everything seems grim, but in the world the Lord works in, all things are possible. It's us humans that put structure around those possibilities. We make the rules and the laws that guide us. We profess beliefs. God simply loves. God doesn't have rules. God doesn't impose belief; God simply loves us. It's all about how you love, even those you don't agree with.

This battle has nothing to do with God. It has everything to do with humans doing what humans have always done. The more powerful ones subject their will on the masses but never live by the rules they make or the beliefs they espouse. This decision had zero to do with what God wants. If it had gone the other way, it would be equally outside of what God wants. Why? Because all of it divides. All of it is about causing as much division as possible. There are humans that thrive on this kind of discord and we are feeding their appetites. Somehow, we have to find a middle ground and work towards peace. Love is much easier if we feel at peace.

Prayer didn't change this for either side. God does not purposely pit us against one another. If it isn't about becoming more loving then it isn't God's spirit. If it doesn't help you extend grace then it isn't God. If it isn't about offering mercy it isn't God. If it makes you feel prideful or arrogant like you want to rub someone's nose in your victory - that isn't God either. In fact, unless the fruits of the Spirit are evident in your life, God is not present. Unfortunately, I see an awful lot of fruitless lives. I say that, seeing lack in my own as well. Let's do better. Let's be better.

The answer isn't to force our wills on one another, it's to find a solution we can all live with. If we continue in this polarization, there is no hope for the future. Our entire world is in turmoil. It is trying to birth a better, more equitable society and the labor pains are throwing everything into chaos. That's why we have to ground ourselves by holding onto our faith in Christ and the Love that only He can bring to our hearts. Without that love we are doomed as a species. Let's rest in God's infinite love so that that is what pours out of us in moments of intense strife, even in the midst of our anger and grief. If we want a better way. We have to show a better way.

Perfect Love really does cast out all fear. Let's endeavor to love even if it hurts.

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